UNBOXING – Box Swap with Emma (Little Owl Loves)

YEY! My FIRST ever unboxing video in collaboration with Emma from Little Owl Loves. Over the past few months there has been a group of us on Twitter that have been organising an exciting YouTube project. We were each paired off in this ‘box swap’ collaboration; the aim? Get to know each other through our YouTube channels and make up a gift box of things we’d like. To make it harder and more affordable for everyone the limit was set to £10 – but you could decide on more within your pairs.

My Unboxing Video:

This box swap collaboration was the idea of Jodie (TheLifeofReilly7). I was super excited when she asked me to be part of this, as we’ve been friends for years now but have never done anything on YouTube.

Emma’s Unboxing Video:

As I mentioned this was my first unboxing, but let me know in my blog/YouTube comments whether you’d like more videos like this, or maybe even a haul every now and again?

Check out Emma’s channel:


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