Morphe Brushes isn’t a brand I’ve bought from before, so recently I decided to buy one of their brush sets. I’ve been obsessed with watching, and filming, “testing” videos, so why not film a ‘testing morphe brushes’? As I truly didn’t know what to expect from their brushes. The brush set  I went for was thr 690 brush set;  a face contour/sculpting set. I picked this set for the simple reason that I thought I’d get most use out of it.

The 690 set contains 6 brushes:

  • Angled Buffer
  • Rounded Buffer
  • Pointed Contour Buffer
  • Mini Angled Buffer
  • Mini Round Buffer
  • Mini Pointed Contour

Testing Morphe Brushes – 690 set

Both the angled and rounded buffer brushes are perfect for foundation – but I do prefer the angled brush. I enjoy using the pointed contour buffer, but found it took some getting used to. As for the mini buffer brushes they’re perfect for the eyes! Find out my full thoughts in my ‘Testing Morphe Brushes’ video below, plus a demo of ALL brushes!

VIDEO: Testing Morphe Brushes

This set is available on Cult Beauty for £20 here

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