Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Tutorial

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Video Tutorial:

I managed to get a hold of the HUDA BEAUTY Rose Gold Edition Textured Eyeshadow palette and FINALLY got around to filming with it. I have been using this a lot and really love the shadows. It’s a palette made for me, I just love the Autumnal feel to the entire palette.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette

huda beauty rose gold


Even though the pigmentation is good I do find some shades are better than others, but this is like any other palette. Plus, the majority of this palette is matte so that may be why – I always find shimmery shades to be more pigmented. The textured shadows definitely pack a punch when applied with the fingertips – dont bother using a brush. I really love these textured shadows and they’re unique to my collection. As mentioned in the video, I love using the textured shadows in the centre of my eyelid to add that pop of colour/sparkle.

Before I bought this I heard a lot of mixed reviews, but thought I’d try this for myself. A lot of people seemed to dislike the textured shades, however I love them. Yes they can be a bit chunky if applied to heaviloy, but applied in thin layers with the finger tip, I find they look gorgeous!

Let me know if you’re a fan of Huda and her Rose Gold palette!

What’s your favourite shade from the palette? Mine is definitely the Rose Gold textured shadow, shy and 24k!

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