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All makeup lovers know the struggle when it comes to washing their tools. I’ve always washed my brushes using warm water and anti-bacterial hand soap; to kill the germs on my brushes. Recently, though, I picked up the brush cleansing palette by Sam and Nic from Real Techniques. The palette really intrigued me, plus I wanted to know whether their ‘brush cleansing gel’ was worth it before buying the full sized product.

Brush Cleansing Palette contents:

  • Brush Cleansing Palette: Performance grade silicone with multi textured surface.
  • 2x Brush Cleansing Gel

brush cleansing palettebrush cleansing palette

   The idea of the multi textured surface is that it’s suitable for cleaning all brushes; from small to large. On the palette the textured areas are different sizes and depths; the smaller textured part is meant for small brushes and so on. This is super handy for cleaning face brushes and eye brushes; although I found I preferred using this palette for cleaning eye brushes. I didn’t film myself using this, but Real Techniques have their own tutorial in case you’re unsure how to use the brush cleansing palette:

The palette has a handle on the back which allows you to securely hold the palette whilst you’re cleaning your brushes; genius! I’m really glad it’s made of a silicone material, not plastic, as it’s gentle on the brushes but harsh and sturdy enough that the lumps and bumps help to cleanse the brushes deeply. While holding the palette it doesn’t feel cheap, it feels very nice and it’s well worth the £12.99 price tag, in my opinion.

brush cleansing palette
brush cleansing palette

Brush Cleansing Gel

Right, onto the brush cleansing gel. I got two sachets of the brush cleansing gel which allowed me to clean around 8 face brushes and 10+ eye brushes; which is pretty good going for a tester product. At first I was skeptical as I haven’t use a brush cleaner before, let alone a gel one. But, I can say I was pleasantly surprised and I’ll be keeping my eye out for the full version in Boots/Superdrug. It’s quite a thick gel, but a pea sized dot is enough to clean multiple eye brushes and a couple of face brushes.

Like in the tutorial above I applied the gel to the palette, with a bit of water inside the palette too. This got a little messy and I probably wouldn’t recommend doing this, as the water in the palette got dirty really quick. The best way to use this is to use it like in the tutorial. Dampen the brush bristles first, then swirl into the palette and cleanse the brush in-between under the tap, or in a bowl of warm water. I would definitely do it this way next time as it looks so much easier and, more importantly, quicker.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed using this palette to clean my brushes. It makes cleaning brushes more fun and, surprisingly, quicker. As for the cleansing gel I think I’m going to have to purchase the full sized one, unless I get it as a gift for Christmas ;). The scent of the gel is beautiful and it truly does deeply cleanse the brushes – more so than the handwash I was using before. If you’re looking for something to clean your brushes then I’d definitely recommend this.

What’s your favourite brush cleanser?

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  • Valerie Nguyen

    I have the very same brush cleansing palette! I love it. x

    • it’s fabulous, really need to get the cleansing gel x