Helix Eyeliner Trend Paired with Bright, Bold Eyes

helix eyeliner

Last week I found myself with some spare time, which is rare right now. I decided to play with makeup and challenge myself. I absolutely love searching through my social media, especially Pinterest for makeup inspiration. Recently, I have noticed a new trend on Instagram and Pinterest; Helix eyeliner (also called Spiral eyeliner). At first I was thinking ‘I wonder how the hell this is done’, but after watching one YouTube video I thought it looked pretty straight forward. I…

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mally beauty ageless eyes

Mally Beauty Ageless Eyes: Review

Makeup reviews, Mally Beauty

The weather has been gorgeous, it’s definitely not summer anymore but I’m looking forward to autumn. Autumn brings us purples, burgundies and deep tones – which I’m all about when it comes to makeup. Most of you’ll know that…

3 minute makeup challenge

3 Minute Makeup Challenge | Makeup Tag

Makeup, YouTube

Hey lovelies, I’m back with another YouTube video. This week I decided to put my makeup skills to the test and do the 3 minute makeup challenge. I reckon I could have done so much better, but when you’re…


Mascara Monday: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

Makeup, Mascara Monday

I’ve been sitting on the idea of reviewing the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes for a while. It’s a product like no other and I don’t have another product like this in my collection. I’d always been intrigued by the…


Green Half Cut Crease | Get The Look

Get The Look, Makeup

It has been a while since I’d experimented with makeup, let alone green eyeshadow. I feel like people are scared to use green and blue shadows; in case they end up looking like they’ve stepped out of an 80s…

wedding makeup

Wedding Makeup | Get The Look

Get The Look, Makeup, Mally Beauty

Hey lovelies, long time no speak. Last weekend I went to my cousins wedding, so I thought I’d share my makeup with you. I ended up experimenting with a new palette, the Mally Beauty Ageless Eyes palette. Review coming…

testing primark makeup brushes

Testing Primark Makeup Brushes

Beauty, Testing New Products

Hey lovelies, today is the first ‘testing’ video I have ever filmed for you all. Recently I’ve been loving watching other people test makeup tools and products. So, I decided to film my very own video testing Primark Makeup…

charlotte tilbury legendary lashes (9)

Mascara Monday: Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

Mascara Monday

For this week’s mascara Monday I’m sharing my thoughts of the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara. Just because it’s a higher end mascara doesn’t mean it’s better than the mascara’s I’ve already put to the test. I bought this…

back to school makeup essentials (3)

Back to School Makeup Essentials

Beauty, Makeup

Seeing as people are starting to go back to school soon, I thought I’d share my back to school makeup essentials. Whether you’re in secondary school, college or university these essentials are vital in an everyday makeup routine. When…

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